Locally owned and operated, Sole•Ful Health Club creates a clean, calm, and eco-friendly environment. This brand new, modern, boutique health club is community focused and was originated to create a healthier community, increase physically activity, enhance functional strength and awareness, and overall mental wellness.


Every Breath is Clean One

At Sole•Ful Health Club, we pride ourselves on our advanced, Fresh Air Ventilation - Air Purification System with HEPA filtration; the air in our facility is constantly recycled with fresh air and is fully exchanged every fifteen minutes. Our quiet, low-maintenance, air purifier captures and destroys up to 99.97% of harmful contaminants in the air. Sole•Ful is further equipped with an Air-Ionization System which provides the highest level of ionization energy available. This air-filtration system emits positive and negative ions; reducing bacteria, viruses, odors, dust, VOCs as well as other particles in the air, creating the most purest air quality. 

matrix t130x treadmill side in use

State-of-the-Art Fitness Equipment

Sole•Ful Health Club offers premium quality exercise equipment by Matrix Fitness which is the world's premier equipment brand and is best-in-class for quality and technology. Our cardiovascular and strength-training equipment includes: Treadmills, Ellipticals, Recumbent Bikes, Rower, Stair Climber, Multi-Functional Trainer, Smith Machine and a wide range of free weights.  We also provide members with kettlebells and medicine balls for ballistic exercises and a yoga & stretch area for increasing your flexibility.

Woman using soap to clean hands and prevent coronavirus

Sanitization Process

At Sole•Ful Health Club, the health and safety of our members is our top priority. Our team is committed to ensuring the highest level of safety at our Club in an effort to provide you a safe and sanitized experience, every visit. The Club is cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis; we have an onsite, full-time staff member which allows both regular cleanings throughout the day as well as monitoring member sanitization responsibility. The club is equipped with disinfecting wipes that are required to be used on all equipment by members after each use and touch-less hand-sanitizing stations are conveniently located throughout the Club. We avoid unnecessary contact by utilizing touchless check-in using your digital key-fob, and our restrooms are all equipped with touchless fixtures. Additionally, we educate new members about our policies regarding safety and sanitation within our Club.


Safety & Security

You can feel safe and secure at Sole•Ful Health Club. Our Club is monitored by 24 hour surveillance, 365 days a year in the exterior and interior common spaces of our facility. We provide lockers with digital combinations for your personal belongings and each member checks-in with an electronic key-fob. Our Club is equipped an AED Defibrillator and we also offer assistive technology services which is a panic button that can be pushed in the case of a medical emergency. The Club is staffed with a CPR Certified team member Monday-Friday, and during after hours and on the weekends, the doors remain locked with member access only. In addition, our parking lot is highly visible and is very well lit with perimeter and street lighting, and our parking spaces are directly in front and behind the Club. 

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